Eazybreak is now Epassi.

Eazybreak has been a part of Epassi for almost 2 years. Starting from 1.1.2023, we will also be a part of Epassi on a technical level. This means that Eazybreak service is not more in use and all our customers have started to use Epassi’s mobile payment solution for employee benefits.

Epassi’s services are very similar to what Eazybreak offered earlier, but there are many more options available. If you’re looking for a smart and easy solution for your benefits, be sure to check out Epassi!

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Eazybreak’s reporting and merchant settlement still in operation.

We know that our customers need reports of 2022 benefit usage and payments for some time. So, we will keep up our service for reporting purposes for some time.

Tiedämme, että asiakkaamme tarvitsevat raportteja vuoden 2022 edunkäytöstä vielä jonkin aikaa. Siksi Eazybreak-palvelu on raportoinnin osalta edelleen käytettävissä.

Employers: You can log in and view and download reports about Eazybreak benefit usage for e.g. 2022 financial statements The Finnish Incomes Register or other purpose. You can also view reports about prepayments your company paid in 2022.

Merchants: You can view your Eazybreak sales and debt reports. Eazybreak will keep on settling payments to your bank account as long as there is something to settle. This practically means restaurants who have made agreements with their business customers about post invoicing. We will settle the last sales of 2022 as our customers pay their invoices.

Employees: Eazybreak benefits can no longer be used and no new benefits will be given. Please check from your employer, how can you start using Epassi benefits. You can still log in to your Eazybreak account and view your benefit usage reports.

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