Eazybreakilta saat helpot palvelut työsuhde-etujen hallinnointiin ja käyttämiseen.

Make it easy with Eazybreak!

Eazybreak is an easy-to-use mobile service for fringe benefits. With our service employers can offer their personnel lunch, sports, culture, and commute benefits. The paying itself is done with a mobile phone, either via the Eazybreak app or by a text message. The advanced automated functions behind the service speed up benefit management and remove unnecessary processes, providing extreme ease of use to employers, employees, and service providers.


For the employer

Eazybreak is nowadays a part of Epassi. We are focusing all service development into Epassi. That’s why we are not taking any new employers customers to Eazybreak after 18th October 2022.

Get to know Epassi’s most diverse benefit offering in the market below.

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For the merchant

  • Faster paying at the cash register
  • Reduces management work
  • Enables real-time payment tracking
  • Cost-effective solution – no device or software purchases required
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For the employee

  • An easy, safe, and ecological solution
  • All fringe benefits always with you on your phone
  • Thousands of use locations around the country
  • You only pay for what you use – not for lost or expired vouchers
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Our services

Eazybreak LounasetuLunch

Eazybreak lunch benefit is like a lunch voucher, but without the voucher. Being digital saves time and money, as both management and usage get easier. Works in thousands of restaurants around Finland.

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Eazybreak Sport benefitSport

Compared to the Eazybreak sport benefit, the old and tired sports vouchers are just wrinkly paper. When managing and using benefits gets easier thanks to digitalization, everyone has more energy left for sports!

Eazybreak culture benefitCulture

Eazybreak culture benefit opens the doors to culture events. The personnel’s mental capital growth translates into the company’s capital growth, as digitalization frees resources for advancing your main business activities.

Eazybreak commuting benefitCommuting

Wherever there is a phone, there is a ticket. With Eazybreak commuting benefit you can pay for tickets in all R-kiosks around Finland as well as in HSL and Matkahuolto service points.

Payment with mobile phone, check at the cashier

Paying with Eazybreak is quick and easy with everyone’s own mobile phone. Locations accepting Eazybreak-payments are found from the Eazybreak application where you can choose whichever one you’d like to pay to. The app payment is handled in the chosen location, for example in a restaurant, swimming hall, R-kioski or any other one of the thousands of locations in our network.

After an employee has made their payment, the person at the cashier checks the payment details from a mobile voucher in the employee’s mobile phone. After this, Eazybreak proceeds in delivering the payment to the merchant location.