Eazybreak expands to global market with Sodexo Benefits & Rewards Services

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Together with Sodexo Benefits & Rewards Services specializing in quality of life improving services we will globalize Eazybreak’s solution for mobile payments, management and invoicing of employee benefits. One of Eazybreak’s core values is innovativeness which has been incorporated in developing the service since the beginning. Our hard work has caused the Finnish employee benefit market to evolve into an exceptionally developed one even on a global scale. The contract with Sodexo Benefits & Rewards Services enables Eazybreak’s innovation to be introduced in 36 countries and bringing the global benefits market to the mobile age.

The co-operation with Sodexo Benefits & Rewards will offer our company a lot of international know-how and knowledge, which offers an advantage to our Finnish clients as well. Our goal is to speed up the innovation process considering employee benefits and payment

Antti Känsälä, CEO of Eazybreak

Sodexo Benefits & Rewards will become the minor stakeholder of Eazybreak. Eazybreak continues as an independent company and its head office will stay in Helsinki. Eazybreak will have two new members to its board of directors.

Eazybreak has 11 experts working in Finland. It has over 100 000 users from almost 300 companies. In addition, over 7 000 service providers use Eazybreak’s fully automated invoicing and accounting services.

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