Disturbance in Eazybreak SMS-payments 7.-8.5.2019

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A disturbance considering a small portion of Eazybreak text message payments was discovered on 7th May. The disturbance continues on 8th May. Due to the disturbance, some Eazybreak mobile vouchers cannot be delivered to an employees mobile phone.

Based on our investigations so far, the disturbance seems to be related to sending messages from certain operators’ mobile subscriptions because in the known cases the message has not proceeded to Eazybreak at all. The issue is being investigated currently and will be resolved as soon as possible.

Payments with Eazybreak applications and contactless payments work normally as do most of text message payments, too. In case you have any issues with SMS-payments, please contact our customer service during 8.00-17.00:

+358 20 740 2730 / [email protected].

Jaa kirjoitus