For Merchant

Eazybreak is a mobile voucher on your customers’ cellphones. It is used to pay for lunch, exercise and culture services and commuting. Merchant – we want to ease your daily routines.

Eazybreak saves merchant’s time and money. We fasten your payment transactions and decrease the amount of administrative tasks with automatic invoicing and clearances and always up-to-date reports. In our agreement lunch service model, we handle the invoicing of your lunches for you. In our lunch voucher model, our Service monitors benefit usage and takes care of all clearances automatically.

The costs of Eazybreak Service are low. To begin using it, you don’t need any additional devices or software. We don’t even charge any registering or monthly usage fees. We only charge a commission based on payments made with Eazybreak. All in all, you need to do nothing more than accept payments – we handle the rest.

Merchants – Frequently asked questions

Eazybreak is an electronic & fast payment method. Read more about our services.
Eazybreak automates the billing process of these customers. You only have to offer them quality service. Money transactions will be done automatically.
See who’s using Eazybreak in your city from the location search on our front page and choose show on map.
Eazybreak doesn’t charge any opening or monthly fees. You only pay one of the cheapest commissions on the market from your Eazybreak-sales. Please see our current servicefees 
All you need to accept Eazybreak mobile vouchers is found from your Eazybreak account and is accessible anywhere with an Internet connection. We do offer the possibility to accept Eazybreak payments seamlessly through most popular cash machine applications.
When a customer who has ordered an Eazybreak mobile voucher comes to your merchant location you only need to check the daily code and value of the payment. Eazybreak’s mobile vouchers are always targeted to a specific date and merchant location. You can also see the information from your Eazybreak account immediately. See examples of our mobile vouchers below.
Eazybreak accounts your sales every Monday. If you have companies using Eazybreak Agreement Lunch -benefit as customers we will account your sales twice a month. Money will be transferred in the next clearance after your customer has paid the bill.
You only need general information about your company (name, address etc.), business ID and your bank account number in IBAN-format to register.

What are Eazybreak mobile vouchers like?

Eazybreak Text Message Payments

Culture Voucher and Sport Voucher

Eazybreak Kulttuuriseteli tekstiviestimaksuna Eazybreak Liikuntaseteli tekstiviestimaksuna

Eazybreak Mobile Application

Agreement Lunch and Lunch Voucher

Eazybreak Sopimuslounasseteli iOS-sovelluksessa Eazybreak Lounasseteli iOS-sovelluksessa

Culture Voucher and Sport Voucher

Eazybreak Kulttuuriseteli Windows-sovelluksessa Eazybreak Liikuntaseteli iOS-sovelluksessa

Our Prepaid-benefits* have

  1. the daily code – voucher’s order number – a digital watermark.
  2. voucher type & value.
  3. the name of the voucher’s owner.
  4. date of expiry.
  5. the merchant location the voucher was ordered to.

The SMS-voucher* tells all the same information as a voucher ordered with Eazybreak application. It just looks a little different.[/span4] An agreement lunch voucher* billed afterwards is very similar to the prepaid-voucher. The main difference is that under the first code row you can see the voucher type and the customer company’s agreement code (in brackets). Depending on the agreement, you may also see the value of the voucher. If not, the value defined in Eazybreak Service will be used.

You only need to check the daily code & value from Eazybreak benefits – we handle the rest automatically.

* The appearance of our mobile vouchers changes some amounts depending on the phone model being used. All information in our vouchers is always the same, though.

Eazybreak integrations with other cash registers

You don't necessarily need any integrations with Eazybreak to receive our payments. But, Eazybreak Service can be integrated into many cash register systems on the market. Doing this fastens checking daily sales events.


Kassamagneetti offers among other services Restolution cloud service for sales, logistics and gross profit monitoring. Softpos, Restolution Easy and Sharp cash registers can be integrated into the Restolution service. Read more.


Citykassa is a ready-to-use cash register solution for restaurants. Citykassa can also handle eCommerce, ERP and many other business processes according to your needs. Read more (site only in Finnish).


With Enkora Salespoint, you can handle product and service sales of both a single company or many easily and quickly. Eazybreak payments work alongside other payment methods. Read more.


MICROS restaurant solutions provide you with the technology to manage all aspects of your business, including point of service, table management, reservations, loyalty and much more. Read more.

Merchant- by registering into Eazybreak Service you can start accepting Eazybreak payments:

1. Register you company as an Eazybreak merchant here. You will get your own Eazybreak account and be immediately ready to start accepting Eazybreak payments. Register your merchant company and under it define all your merchant locations in which you’ll be accepting our payments.

2. You will receive Eazybreak-stickers equipped with a unique location code by post in a couple days.

3. Place an Eazybreak-sticker in a visible place near your cash register and the door. Your customers will use this code to order Eazybreak mobile vouchers.

4. Check the daily code of Eazybreak mobile vouchers from your customers’ cellphones.

5. To check the mobile vouchers, you can either print each month’s daily codes to a paper and keep it next to your cash register or check the sales from Eazybreak Service immediately after the purchase. Make sure your staff knows how to check our mobile vouchers.

6. Conclude the transaction into your cash register with the value shown in the mobile voucher. Charge possible additional costs by other payment methods.

7. Eazybreak will account all sales to your bank account each week. Our commission fee will also be noted. You can view detailed sales reports from your Eazybreak account.

Please also remember tax instructions about targeted payments.