Finnish innovation goes global – Sodexo Benefits & Rewards Services buys the entire share capital of Eazybreak Oy

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Sodexo Benefits & Rewards Services has been a minority shareholder of our company since late 2017. In order to further develop our cooperation, Sodexo Benefits & Rewards Services has purchased the entire share capital of Eazybreak Oy on 30th June 2020.


No changes to daily activities, global opportunities improved

This acquisition does not affect Eazybreak Oy’s daily activities in any way. Eazybreak will stay as Eazybreak. We will keep working with our current staff and already outlined strategy, and keeping our head office in Helsinki, Finland. However, the acquisition makes us better equipped to serve our customers and improves our product development capabilities. Our Finnish innovations are also better prepared for entry to global markets. Our services are unique even on a global scale which makes us confident about their demand on foreign markets, too.

The fully automized mobile benefit solution developed by Eazybreak is globally unique because it’s very user-friendly and creates high value for every part of the employee benefits chain.


In line with our strategy to deliver personalized employee experience at work and beyond, this partnership reinforced through shareholding acquisition is enabling us to accelerate value creation for consumers, clients and merchants in the employee benefits space in Finland and beyond.

Fredrik Öhrn, Vice President Russia and Nordics, Sodexo Benefits & Rewards Services


Sodexo’s global capabilities and vision are of course a golden opportunity to our company, and our customers will benefit from it the most. This acquisition ensures we can put this resource to use and continue innovative product and service development better than before.

The cooperation with Sodexo has been very fruitful especially thanks to their global views and experiences from 40 years in this business. This has been especially beneficial to our customers. This acquisition makes us better equipped for developing products and services serving our customers better than ever before.

John Lindström, Managing Director, Eazybreak Oy


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Sodexo’s name is usually associated to canteens in Finland. Sodexo Benefits & Rewards Services does belong to the same enterprise as the canteen operations, but it is a separate business area within the Sodexo Group. Sodexo Benefits & Rewards Services is the market leader in the global benefits solutions business. They have over 40 years’ experience of benefits. Sodexo operates today in over 30 different countries.

Eazybreak is a Finnish growth company employing 9 specialists. Nearly 190 000 employees from over 1 100 companies use over 75 million euros worth of benefits yearly through the service. Eazybreak’s merchant network includes over 13 000 service providers around Finland. The company’s revenue grows about 40 % each year. Eazybreak’s revenue for the financial year 2019 was over 2,7 million euros (+49 %).

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