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Eazybreak brings the utilization of employee’s benefits to this millennium

You don’t need to remember to carry paper vouchers or an additional benefit card with you anymore. Eazybreak Service comes with you everywhere in your mobile phone. It makes paying* for lunch, culture and sport services and commuting more ecological. Additionally, your employer and local merchants save time and money with our automated invoices and clearances. Our digital services will also decrease the amount of paperwork.

Our mobile application makes using employee’s benefits very easy and secure. You don’t have to worry about carrying the vouchers around or losing them from your cellphone. Discarding paper vouchers decreases your carbon footprint. Got interested? Contact us at or tell about us to your employer by clicking the button at the top of this page.

* Take into account that vouchers usage is also affected by the account settings of your employer and tax instructions for targeted payments.

Does your company already use Eazybreak? Here's how you activate your account:

  1. Make sure your employer has registered into the service and added your information. You should receive e-mail from your employer when this is done.
  2. Follow the instructions to activate the service.
  3. Download our free mobile application and log in with Your user details.
  4. Choose the type of voucher and place where You want to use it and order it to Your phone.
  5. Show the mobile voucher to the cashier in exchange for the service.

You can order a voucher to Your phone from your Eazybreak account or via text message from number 18171.

You can order Eazybreak motivation vouchers the same way if your employer has made an agreement for them. Our commute vouchers can be exchanged for commuting tickets at R-Kioski stores. Note that your employer defines the rules how you use the vouchers. Employee – recommend us to your boss!

Your employer will deduct the tax value of Eazybreak vouchers from your pay normally, as agreed in your company.

Frequently asked questions

Eazybreak is a payment method for employee bebefits (lunch, sports, culture, commute) supported by your employer. Eazybreak is a mobile voucher ordered to your mobile phone and showed at the cash register as a form of payment.
Your employer first registers your information into Eazybreak Service. Follow your emails because after your employer has completed registering, you will receive instructions on activating your Eazybreak account to your email. Please, contact your employer if necessary.
Your employer defines all rules related to using our vouchers. Please, contact your employer for information on your portion of the voucher.
You will get your employer’s support for the offered employee benefits. Eazybreak is flexible and ecological as a payment method – and travels conveniently in your mobile phone.
Eazybreak’s payment method is accepted in all merchant locations that have registered into Eazybreak Service. Your employer may have restricted your use of Eazybreak to certain merchant locations if you’re using vouchers based on separate agreements (i.e. agreement lunch vouchers). All merchant locations are listed on our website and on your Eazybreak user account. You will also recognize our merchants by an Eazybreak sticker at the location.
You can pay for employee benefits supported by your employer (lunch, sports, culture, commute). Contact your employer for information on what kind of benefits your company offers.
You will get an Eazybreak user account with our electric vouchers. Just order the voucher to your mobile and show it at the cash register as a form payment. However, the order must be done the day you will use the voucher because Eazybreak vouchers are valid only during the day they are ordered.
You will receive Eazybreak vouchers according to the definition of your employer. Please, contact them for more information.
Vouchers are ordered to your mobile with Eazybreak application for smart phones, from your user account or with an SMS-message. Further information is available on your user account. Please, read through the instructions before ordering vouchers.
The voucher you ordered is only valid during the day it was ordered. Only order a voucher if you’re certain you can use it. We do not guarantee cancellation of accidental or incorrect orders.
Our vouchers may only be cancelled during the day they were ordered. Contact our customer support (8-17 during weekdays) and we will check if cancelling your voucher is possible. Outside these hours only merchants themselves can cancel orders.
Each voucher order is logged as a used voucher to your user account. This means you can follow each of your vouchers from your own Eazybreak user account.

When using Eazybreak application, please make sure that

  • your application is updated to the latest version
  • your phones operating system is updated to the latest version
  • your operating system supports applications
  • you’ve activated location services for the application

When using SMS-messages, please make sure that

  • the phone number on your Eazybreak user account is correct
  • your phone subscription doesn’t restrict the use of service numbers
  • your phone’s memory for SMS-messages is not full
Please, contact our customer support during weekdays between 8 am and 5 pm, tel. +358 20 740 2730 or We’re happy to help.