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How many man-hours do you spend each month on handling and distributing employee’s benefits? And what about invoicing?

Eazybreak Service digitalizes all this and allows you to focus your resources on other business aspects. Eazybreak Lunch -benefit is suited for both common lunch payment methods in Finland – lunch vouchers and agreement lunches. Our Sport and Culture -benefit for exercise and culture services and Commuting -benefit for commuting are easily combined with our Lunch -benefit into a cost-effective service package. Read about our pricing and contact our sales at [email protected]

With Eazybreak Service you are able to offer your employees staff- and fringe benefits. With our Service, you save time and money in administration and it’s centralization, verifying invoices, salary management and accounting. It is fast and easy to start using our Service. Additionally, Eazybreak Service is very flexible – it is customizable according to your company’s needs and it can be integrated with your current IT-systems. Let us bring administration of your employees’ benefits to this millenium!

Our service meets all the new tax instructions for targeted payments. 

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How to start using Eazybreak in your company:

  1. Register your company as an Eazybreak user here.
  2. Registration form will help You with the information that is needed for registration.
  3. Import employee lists into the system for example as an Excel file.
  4. Accept the terms and conditions and registration is complete.
  5. Employees will receive instructions for using their Eazybreak accounts by e-mail.
  6. Employees will automatically receive their benefits.