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Fringe benefits are tax-free income to employees

According to the definition by the Finnish Tax Administration, fringe benefits (page only in Finnish) are salary paid by something other than money. This enables employees to always get some additional tax-free income from fringe benefits – meaning free money, simply put. A business employing some people can somewhat freely choose what kind of fringe benefits are valuable to them when their personnel’s wellbeing and employer image are considered.

Eazybreak is a digital solution that transforms a company’s fringe benefits to the modern age in a jiffy. Your employer chooses which fringe benefits – lunch, sport, culture and commuting – they want to offer you. You will then get a personal Eazybreak account to which digital purchase rights are distributed. Payments can be made with Eazybreak application or a free text message in nearly 13 000 locations all over Finland.

Työsuhde-edut ovat työntekijälle verotonta palkanlisää

Using Eazybreak benefits is easy, secure and fair

Eazybreak toimii helposti, reilusti ja läpinäkyvästi

Easiness: Using Eazybreak is quick and effortless. Payments are done with a mobile phone, so, no cards or paper vouchers are required to use your fringe benefits.

Security: Our primary goal is to ensure that all payments processed through our system are riskless. Which is why we have built our system’s security from day one – and keep on improving our data security. We handle your personal data with care and only if absolutely necessary.

Fairness and transparency: All information about your Eazybreak-benefit usage is always available inside your Eazybreak application and on your Eazybreak account on the web. You only pay for used benefits and don’t need to pay unreasonable sums in advance. With Eazybreak, you can always choose an exact price for your payment so that you don’t pay for nothing.

How can I get Eazybreak benefits given to me?

To use your Eazybreak benefits, you first have to activate your digital Eazybreak account opened by your employer.

  1. Your employer adds your information to Eazybreak and a personal Eazybreak-account is created for you.
  2. You will receive instructions and login credentials from Eazybreak to your email.
  3. Download our free Eazybreak app from your app store and login with your credentials.
  4. Accept our terms of use and add your phone number if asked.
  5. We recommend to change your password after logging in the first time.
  6. The app is ready to use. You can search for locations and make payments with the benefits given by your employer.

You can also start using Eazybreak by activating your account via a web browser, although we recommend using our app. The guiding email sent by Eazybreak includes also a link through which you can login to your user account. Accept our terms of use, add your phone number and check your user details. After that everything is ready for using your fringe benefits!

How does Eazybreak work?

Eazybreak jakaa automaattisesti oikeudet valittujen etujen käyttöön

1. Use rights of benefits are distributed to you automatically

After activating your user account, Eazybreak automatically distributes you use rights to the benefits selected by your employer. Most of our customers have decided to distribute lunch benefit each month and other benefits once or twice a year, in January and July.

Remember to check your company’s own instructions for details considering your benefits.


Työntekijät maksavat Eazybreak-verkoston käyttöpaikoissa

2. You use your Eazybreak benefits in locations who have joined our network

Eazybreak benefits are used with your own mobile phone. It doesn’t have to be a work phone but, instead, any kind of a mobile phone works. The simplest way to make payments is with Eazybreak application available for iOS and Android smartphones but it’s also possible to pay with a free text message. Our network includes nearly 13 000 locations throughout Finland from Hanko to Inari.

A successful payment always returns a mobile voucher acting as a receipt to your mobile phone. The mobile voucher is valid for 15 minutes. The cashier at the location will check your mobile voucher after which the payment is finished.


3. Unused benefits are replaced by a set of new use rights to benefits

Eazybreak will zero any unused benefits at the end of a distribution period. This way your user account will not accumulate huge balances which you are nearly impossible to use fully. Simultaneously, fringe benefits of a starting period will be given to you.

Our lunch benefit products are zeroed at the end of each month so that we can act according to the Tax Administration’s guidance on the number of monthly lunch payments during working days. Any unused Eazybreak benefits are reset at the end of a year, unless your employer has chosen to act otherwise.

Remember to check your company’s own instructions for details considering your benefits.


4. Your employer processes an employee share in your salary

Your employer processes an employee share of the benefits you have used in your salary, according to your company’s practice. Eazybreak benefits are therefore always processed in salaries according to their actual usage.

The Finnish Tax Administration’s fringe benefit guidance defines limits to employee shares. In general, an employee share is always a part of lunch benefit but in sport, culture and commuting benefits including employee share is up to the employer’s decision.


How do I use my Eazybreak benefits, how to pay?

Eazybreak benefits are used with your mobile phone. Always pay after entering the chosen location to ensure that it is open. The mobile voucher received as a receipt of a payment is valid for 15 minutes, so please make the payment only when you’re sure about it.

  1. Open you Eazybreak application and login if needed.
  2. Find a location with the app’s search features. You can also move to another area on the map by searching for a city or street address.
  3. After finding a suitable location and ensuring that it is open, choose the location from the app and select value of the payment. Click Pay.
  4. You will receive a mobile voucher to your app as a receipt of your payment. Show it from your mobile phone to the cashier within 15 minutes. They will validate the payment.
  5. After validation by the cashier the payment is ready and you’ll receive the service you purchased.

If you experience trouble with payments – like accidentally paying to a wrong location – please contact our customer service during the same day. We’re more than happy to correct your payment. But, unfortunately, we cannot guarantee cancellation of faulty payments that are notified to us some days later.

Where can I pay with Eazybreak?

Eazybreakilla voi maksaa verkostoomme kuuluvissa yli 11 000 paikassa ympäri Suomen

Eazybreak benefits can be used in locations which have registered into our merchant network as payment receivers. Accepting Eazybreak payments only requires registering a merchant into our service which only takes a couple minutes.

Our network includes already nearly 13 000 locations throughout Finland from Hanko to Inari. New partners join our network almost daily, and, during the year 2019 our network grew with over 2 900 locations.

Our goal is to enable you to use Eazybreak benefits exactly where you want to refresh yourself at. For this reason, we grow our network by negotiating primarily with locations wished by our customers. All Eazybreak users can suggest locations to be added into our network anytime. We handle all requests and contact the suggested locations as soon as possible.

Want more information about using Eazybreak?

Usein kysyttyä Eazybreakista

If you would like more information about using Eazybreak, you should check out our FAQ’s answering questions we frequently receive from employees, merchants and businesses. Our SaaS-service fits many kinds of needs, which means that the most common practices describes above might not hold true for your company. For this reason, we always advice our customers to ask more about their practices in using Eazybreak directly from their employer.

And, if needed, you can of course contact our customer service regarding activation of your Eazybreak account and using your benefits.

Read more from our FAQ's

Suggest Eazybreak to your company

Liking what you’re reading here? Maybe you’ve even heard some good things about Eazybreak from your acquaintance and would like your company to start to use it? If you answered yes, please check a couple tips for presenting the idea of Eazybreak inside your company:

  • Think what changes. For example changing from Edenred to Eazybreak means limiting number of lunch payments to one per day but you will also get rid of managing paper vouchers and dedit cards and the wasted money of unused benefits.
  • What Eazybreak-products to suggest. Lunch vouchers or agreement meals? Sport benefit alone or as combined with culture benefit? Commuting benefit only or combined with sports and culture benefits in Eazybreak Combo product?
  • What does Eazybreak cost. For the purchase decision, you surely need to know the price tag that comes with Eazybreak. Our products are priced with monthly charged fees per user which can be seen on our pricing for employers.

Eazybreak’s sales team is more than glad to help.
Email: [email protected]
Tel: +358 20 740 2730