Eazybreak – Everything you need

Say goodbye to unnecessary processes and paper pushing. Eazybreak is a digital solution that brings your company’s fringe benefits effortlessly into the present day. You get all the benefits you want – lunch, sports, culture, and commute – in one easily manageable package.

With Eazybreak, managing these benefits is simple via our easy-to-use web service. You save time and money, so you can use these freed resources on something productive! Using the benefits is easy with your phone. Everybody wins – companies, employees, and merchants!

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For the employer

  • Easy way to handle all fringe benefits
  • Saves time and money by reducing management work
  • Removes waste – your company only pays for the used benefits
  • Shines your employer image – leaves paper vouchers and plastic cards in the past
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For the merchant

  • Faster paying at the cash register
  • Reduces management work
  • Enables real-time payment tracking
  • Cost-effective solution – no device or software purchases required
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For the employee

  • An easy, safe, and ecological solution
  • All fringe benefits always with you on your phone
  • Thousands of use locations around the country
  • You only pay for what you use – not for lost or expired vouchers
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Eazybreak Lunch

Eazybreak lunch benefit is a lunch voucher – but without the voucher. Being digital saves time and money when both management and usage become easier. Works in thousands of restaurants all over Finland.


Eazybreak Commute

Where there is a phone, there is a ticket. With the Eazybreak commute benefit you can pay for tickets in R-kiosks all over Finland as well as in HSL and Matkahuolto service points.


Eazybreak Sports

Compared to the Eazybreak sports benefit the tired old sports vouchers are just paper. When both management and usage become easier, everyone can still have energy left to do some sports.


Eazybreak Culture

The Eazybreak culture benefit opens the doors to culture events. The personnel’s mental capital growth translates into the company’s capital growth, as digitalization frees resources for advancing your main business activities.

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