Commuting benefit

What is Eazybreak commuting benefit?

Eazybreak commuting benefit is a handy way to get people to work – and back home. It is a digital commute voucher that the employee can use to buy tickets from R-kiosks and HSL or Matkahuolto service points. Everybody wins when time, effort, money, and nature is saved. With Eazybreak good things move forward!

Where does Eazybreak commuting benefit work?

With the Eazybreak commute benefit you can pay for tickets in all R-kiosks around Finland as well as in HSL and Matkahuolto service points. The extensive distribution network of R-kioski offers a good selection of different taxman-approved commute tickets for e.g. HSL, VR and Matkahuolto services as well as for the local traffic contractors of Oulu and Tampere.

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