Culture benefit

What is Eazybreak culture benefit?

The Eazybreak culture benefit is an effective tool for recharging your employees’ batteries. With it, it’s easy to pop into the movies, museums, concerts, or – why not – community college courses, because the benefit is always with you on your phone. You can combine the culture benefit with the Eazybreak sport benefit, so you can contribute to your personnel’s physical wellbeing too. Eazybreak also simplifies the lives of your company’s management, which is a cultural achievement in itself.

Where does Eazybreak culture benefit work?

Eazybreak can be used for paying in almost 1000 culture locations around Finland. The payment is done with either the Eazybreak application, a text message, or via our web service, after which you will receive a mobile voucher to your phone. This mobile voucher acts as a receipt and will be verified at the cash register of the culture venue.

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