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What is Eazybreak lunch benefit?

Eazybreak lunch benefit is like a lunch voucher, but without the voucher. With it, employers can provide their employees full lunch benefit completely digitally. Everyone’s life gets easier, when the unnecessary paper pushing is left out. In addition to the traditional lunch voucher model, Eazybreak also offers a solution to agreement lunches. Both service models meet all tax instruction criteria for targeted payments (note that tax instructions are in Finnish).

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What are the advantages of Eazybreak lunch benefit?

With Eazybreak every lunch is a piece of cake. It saves time and money for both the employer and the merchant, because digitalization makes everything faster and easier. It’s also a relief for the employee, as the benefits always travel with them on their phone. And on top of it all there’s no more waste, as there are no lost or unused paper vouchers anymore. You can find more information in our 10 good reasons article. The benefit is partly tax-free for the employee – read more in Finnish. You can also calculate how much money Eazybreak can save for your company.

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Where does Eazybreak lunch benefit work?

Wherever there is hunger, there is an Eazybreak lunch. Eazybreak works around Finland in over 6 000 restaurants already. As its popularity grows, so does the selection of restaurants. Take a look at your area’s service provides here.

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How do I start using Eazybreak lunch benefit?

Starting to use Eazybreak is as easy as riding a bike – except you don’t even break a sweat!

  1. Register your company to Eazybreak Service here.
  2. Add employee information effortlessly by loading them from a csv file or by saving them one by one.
  3. Accept the terms of agreement and the registration is complete.
  4. The employees will automatically receive instructions in their email how to start using their personal Eazybreak account.
  5. The benefits will be automatically added to your employees’ accounts based on your benefit settings.
  6. Bon appétit!

Ps. If you are using Netvisor, starting to use Eazybreak is even easier! Read more!


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