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What is Eazybreak sport benefit?

The Eazybreak sport benefit is a modern, agile, and effective way to take care of personnel’s wellbeing. Compared to it, the old and tired sports vouchers are just wrinkly paper. Thanks to the digitalization offered by Eazybreak, unnecessary moves stay in the past and the threshold to enter gyms, swimming halls and other sports facilities is lowered.

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What are the advantages of Eazybreak sport benefit?

Thanks to Eazybreak, everyone can focus their time and energy on the essential things. Besides saving time and effort you also save money, because digitalization makes managing fringe benefits faster and more efficient. It’s also easier for the employee, since the benefits always travel with them on their phone. In addition, there’s no more waste, because there will be no lost or unused sports vouchers. The benefit is tax-free for the employee up to 400 euros per year – read more in Finnish.

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Where does Eazybreak sport benefit work?

You can use Eazybreak in nearly 4 500 sports venues around Finland. The payment is done with either the Eazybreak application, a text message, or via our web service, after which you will receive a mobile voucher to your phone. This voucher acts as a receipt and will be verified at the cash register of the sports venue. View the service providers in your area here.

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How do I start using Eazybreak sport benefit?

Starting to use Eazybreak is as easy as riding a bike – except you don’t even break a sweat!

  1. Register your company to Eazybreak Service here.
  2. Add employee information effortlessly by loading them from a csv file or by saving them one by one.
  3. Accept the terms of agreement and the registration is complete.
  4. The employees will automatically receive instructions in their email how to start using their personal Eazybreak account.
  5. The benefits will be automatically added to your employees’ accounts based on your benefit settings.
  6. Have fun!

Ps. If you are using Netvisor, starting to use Eazybreak is even easier! Read more!

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