Wellbeing benefit

What is Eazybreak Wellbeing benefit?

Eazybreak Wellbeing benefit is an easy way for businesses to support their employees’ wellbeing in their everyday lives. With Eazybreak’s digital service, an employer can choose the best massage places for their people and pay massage services they use in those places. The good things about wellbeing benefit become even better by giving employees sport benefit, too.

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What are the advantages of Eazybreak Wellbeing benefit?

Eazybreak allows everybody to use their time and energy where it matters. It also saves money by making managing employee benefits faster and more efficient. Eazybreak makes employees lives easier too because now they always have their benefits with them in their mobile phones. Eazybreak doesn’t create any wastage that usually comes from lost or unused benefits. Also, using Eazybreak is risk free because we work according to all associated Taxation regulations in targeted payments and employee benefits. For example, we recommend that a business would not pay more than 360 euros of massages per year for each of their employees.


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Where can Eazybreak Wellbeing benefit be used at?

Eazybreak Wellbeing benefit is a brand new service and we have just started working on the merchant network in November 2019. Despite the product being very new, Eazybreak can already be used as a payment method in over 400 massage locations such as Rela-hierojat, Auron and Fressi around Finland. We grow our massage network all the time based on our customers’ wishes, so you too have a great opportunity to affect the way our network will look in the future.

Payments are made with Eazybreak application, text message or through our web service. After making a payment a mobile voucher is sent to the mobile phone as receipt of the payment. This mobile voucher is verified at the massage location’s cashier. See merchants in your area here.

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How does Eazybreak Wellbeing massage work?

Eazybreak Wellbeing benefit and its users are managed with a simple cloud service and payments are made with everyone’s own mobile phone. Our intelligent cloud system handles distribution of benefits automatically and optimizes invoicing of wellbeing benefit so that your business pays for used benefits only.

Eazybreak Wellbeing benefit can be taken into use by choosing the product Eazybreak Wellbeing.

How to start using Eazybreak Wellbeing benefit?

Starting to use Eazybreak is very easy!

  1. Register your business to Eazybreak-service here.
  2. Add information of your employees affortlessly by uploading them from a csv-file or by saving them one by one.
  3. Accept our terms of use and your business registration is done.
  4. Employees automatically receive instructions on starting to use their personal Eazybreak-account by email.
  5. All benefits are automatically distributed to employees according to your chosen settings.
  6. Start enjoying your massages!

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