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New animation in Eazybreak mobile voucher

Eazybreak Android- and iOS- applications have a new updated version. In the mobile voucher Eazybreak logo is animated and pulsating in an entertaining way. The previous animation (moving blue-and-white line) has been removed. The purpose of the animation is to prevent the misuse of the payment method.

The animation in the mobile voucher does not affect the payment or the acceptance of the voucher at the cash register.

The new animation can be seen in the latest application version. Older iOS and Android application versions and Windows application will stay as they were and mobile vouchers can be used as before. We encourage all our customers to download the latest application version to your mobile phone the soonest!

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Horizontally moving element added to mobile vouchers (iOS and Android)

The appearance of mobile vouchers has been changed in the newest Android and iOS versions. An animated element has been added under the payment code to prevent fraud attempts.

The animation does not affect processing Eazybreak payment.

Older Android and iOS application versions or Windows application do not include the animated element.

Eazybreak mobiiliseteliin lisätty liikkuva elementti

A blue-and-white element moving back and forth is located under the payment code.

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Eazybreak Android application re-designed

Eazybreak published a completely renewed Eazybreak application for iOS user in early February. Since then we have been working on developing a similar update for Android phones. The development is now finished and a completely new Eazybreak Android application is published during the next few days.

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Eazybreak iPhone application redesigned

Eazybreak announced last December the news about our new Eazybreak iPhone application. The latest version includes features requested by our end-users, both employees and merchants. We are happy to present the new user-friendly version, which will be published shortly.

The new Eazybreak iPhone application includes the following features and changes:
  • A new layout and graphic design that is lighter and clearer.
  • “Used” (Käytetty) button in the mobile voucher has been removed due to many misunderstandings.
  • The order code tab has been removed.
  • The new “Search” feature enables you to find locations with their name or order code. This is replacing the old order code tab.
A new Eazybreak Android application with similar changes will be also released during this year. For further information please follow Eazybreak news in our  website.

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