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Eazybreak User Interface Renewed

Eazybreak celebrates its 10-year journey in 2019. When our service was launched at the end of 2010, it was technically and visually state of the art. Time has gone by and the expectations of our line of business and customers have changed which is why we will now renew our service’s user interface. Watch the video below for a short introduction.

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Eazybreak expands to global market with Sodexo Benefits & Rewards Services

Eazybreak and world’s leading employee benefits provider Sodexo Benefits & Rewards have entered a global license agreement concerning deployment and development of Eazybreak’s digital platform of employee benefits services.

The digital solution developed by Eazybreak is globally unique, because it’s really user-friendly and creates savings for every party of the employee benefits chain. Together with Eazybreak, we are going to accelerate driving operational excellence in the payment and administration of employee benefits outside Finland as well

Fredrik Öhrn, Nordic CEO of Sodexo Benefits & Rewards Services

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Katsaus Eazybreakin vuoteen 2014

Vuotemme 2014 on ollut täynnä mielenkiintoisia tapahtumia ja hauskoja hetkiä. Itse asettamamme sekä ympäristön aiheuttamat haasteet olemme selvittäneet kunnialla. Nämä ja kaikki teidän, asiakkaidemme, kanssa koettu ovat kasvattaneet meitä ihmisinä sekä myös yrityksenä.

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