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Eazybreak is now a part of Epassi.

Eazybreak service has been taken out of use on 31.12.2022. Now, we are operating as a part of Epassi.

If you have some Eazybreak-related matter to ask, please contact Epassi’s customer support. Epassi’s customer support is crowded right now, which means that our reply times are a bit longer than usually. Please wait a few days patiently and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Invoicing details


E-invoicing address: FI9257895420045788
OVT: 0037 23044938

Operator: Osuuspankki (OKOYFIHH)
Data format: Finvoice

Paper invoices

Eazybreak Oy
Ostolaskut 6028E
PL 72
00521 Helsinki

Invoices sent as an email attachment ([email protected])

Eazybreak Oy
Ostolaskut 6028E