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Our customer service helps with issues in using Eazybreak on weekdays during 8:00-17:00.

Email: [email protected]
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Eazybreak Oy
Business ID: 2304493-8
Linnoitustie 11,
02600 Espoo

Eazybreak team



Managing Director
+358 50 441 6879

John has years of experience of wellbeing-at-work services and especially selling those services. His responsibility in Eazybreak is managing and developing our sales and marketing activities.


Project Manager

Niko is an analytical guy participating in many fields. On most days, he is working on marketing and product management.

SONJA KOSKINEN (on parental leave)

Account Manager

Sonja manages our invoicing and supports our customer service, out of our daily routines. She takes care of these things with unending positivity in Finnish, English or Swedish.


Project Worker

Cheerful Janika helps our enterprise customers with running their daily operations. On the flip side of relaxed cheerfulness, Janika manages our invoicing with all the precision and carefulness required.

Business Sales

[email protected]

Fringe benefits can be managed in two ways: easy or difficult. Let us free your company’s time to more important things than handling paper vouchers and payment cards.


Sales Lead
+358 46 921 1175

Eetu’s main responsibility at Eazybreak is new customer acquisition, especially large and medium sized businesses. Eetu also leads our sales team and contributes to the development of our business a great deal.

Julia Matikainen

Sales Manager
+358 50 511 0435

Eetu’s main responsibility at Eazybreak is new customer acquisition, especially large and medium sized businesses.

Use locations & IT




Merchant Sales Manager
+358 400 617 767

Joonas grows our merchant network together with Arlena. A combination of cool professionality and relaxed attitude ensures that Joonas can handle himself in al kinds of discussions.


Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Antti has gained extensive experience on building demanding web and mobile applications, product development and software architecture. This means that Antti is the best guy to ensure our systems are working realiably and that all new product features are implemented to production smoothly.


Full-Stack Developer

Furqan takes care of Eazybreak’s software development together with Antti Hatvala quickly and reliably – both on back- and front-end. Furqan takes care of any operational problems in a few moments creating durably solutions as a result.

Employing tens of people or more? Ask for an offer!

Are you interested in offering fringe benefits to your employees or joining Eazybreak location network? Get an offer from our sales team – or contact someone from our team below directly. We’re usually available during weekdays 8:00-16:00. We promise to get back to you as soon as possible, on the next weekday at the latest.


Contact Eazybreak’s sales team

[email protected]
+358 20 740 2730

Invoicing details


E-invoicing address: FI9257895420045788
OVT: 0037 23044938

Operator: Osuuspankki (OKOYFIHH)
Data format: Finvoice

Paper invoices

Eazybreak Oy
Ostolaskut 6028E
PL 72
00521 Helsinki

Invoices sent as an email attachment ([email protected])

Eazybreak Oy
Ostolaskut 6028E

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