Dental care benefit to broaden Eazybreak’s employee benefit offering

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Dental care benefit is still quite a rare employee benefit in Finland. However, it is a great way for businesses to take care of their employees’ oral health and prevent dental illnesses. Starting from September 2020, our customers will be able to care for their employee’s oral health when we add dental care benefit into our offering.


Use dental care benefit as a separate product or add it into Eazybreak Combo

Eazybreak’s dental care benefit can be used in two ways: as a separate Eazybreak Wellbeing: Dental Care product or as part of Eazybreak Combo which combines different benefits under one shared balance.

Dental care benefit with Eazybreak Wellbeing: Dental Care product

Dental care benefit is quite simple to use as a separate of our Eazybreak Wellbeing product family. An employer chooses yearly value of their dental care benefit, possibly an employee share and other settings when starting to use the benefit. Money needed to use dental care benefit is charged from the business right after the business has registered itself into Eazybreak.

Before employees can start paying for dental care services, businesses have to choose which dental care locations are available to their employees by forming digital Eazybreak-agreements with them – and pay the prepayment. Employers also have to check other taxation rules which we talk more about below.

Eazybreak Wellbeing: Dental Care product’s fee for businesses is for the time being 1,05 € / registered employee / month. You may check our valid pricing for employers here.

Add dental care services into Eazybreak Combo

As part of Eazybreak Combo, the value of dental care benefit is divided with sport, culture, commuting and massage benefits as the employers wants. For example, businesses can give their employees 800 € of Eazybreak Combo so that their employees can use at the most 400 € for sport, 200 € for culture, 360 € for massage or 500 € for dental care services. And yeah, this complies with all relevant taxation regulation.

Eazybreak Combo makes managing benefits easier when a business does not need to report prepayments made for different benefits in their book-keeping. With combo, businesses can easily set yearly budgets for different benefits while giving each one of their employees the freedom to choose exactly how they want to use their benefit.

Eazybreak Combo’s fee for businesses is for the time being 1,05 € / registered employee / month. You may check our valid pricing for employers here.

Dental care benefit in Netvisor-integration

Integration between financial management software Netvisor and Eazybreak had reduced the amount of time many our customers spent on managing their employee benefits earlier. You see, Eazybreak’s Netvisor-integration automatically updates employees’ personal data from Netvisor to Eazybreak and salary deduction reporting from Eazybreak to Netvisor’s pay slips. The only things which employers have to take care of are managing their employee data in Netvisor, paying Eazybreak’s invoices and possible seeing to Incomes Register announcements.

All Eazybreak benefits except dental care benefit can already be used with Netvisor-integration. Dental care benefit can also be used in Netvisor-integration from 1.9. as part of Eazybreak Combo. Eazybreak Wellbeing: Dental Care is added into Netvisor-integration later in the Autumn.


Dental care benefit’s taxation rules

All Eazybreak Wellbeing products comply with the Finnish Tax Administration’s instructions for in-kind benefits, such as  Henkilökuntaedut verotuksessa (page only found in Finnish). Regulation concerning dental care can be found from section “3.2 Terveydenhuolto”. We gathered the most important points below.

According to the decision made by the Finnish Tax Administration, dental care benefit arranged with a targeted payment method, such as Eazybreak, is tax-free only if

  • the benefit had been agreed on in the occupational health plan or other similar document of a business
  • the treatment is normal and reasonable and
  • the business has defined in which places the targeted payment method can be used.

Check your occupational health plan

If dental care benefit has not been used in your company before, check that is is mentioned in your company’s occupational health plan before starting to use it. Normal and reasonable treatment includes operations aimed to maintain your employees’ ability to work, such as dental inspections, tooth hole repairs and tartar removals. Treatments which are not considered as part of health- or medical care (such as esthetic care) is always taxable benefit which has to be managed as an employee’s salary.

Choose the value of dental care benefit and which dentists are used

No precise limit exists for what is considered as the maximum yearly value of dental care benefit. This means that each business has to decide by themself how much is “normal and reasonable” in comparison to their employee’s salaries. Employers also have to choose which dental care places are available to their their employees. This is done by forming digital agreements with chosen dental care locations inside Eazybreak-service. At first, the dental receptions of Hammas Mehiläinen are available. We will grow our dental network as our customers wish.

Remember Incomes Register

In Finland, all employers are obliged to report any salary details, such as received in-kind benefits, to the Incomes Register. Remember to check how your company might need to report dental care benefit to the Incomes Register.


Receptions of Hammas Mehiläinen join Eazybreak’s location network

Hammas Mehiläinen offers all kinds of dental care services. Their most popular treatments include dental inspections and tartar removal. Hammas Mehiläinen offers dental care in over 30 cities around Finland, making its’ services available to almost everybody in Finland.

For these reasons, Hammas Mehiläinen is the first to join Eazybreak’s dental care location network. Dental care services of Hammas Mehiläinen can be paid with Eazybreak from 1.9.2020 in all Hammas Mehiläinen locations which do not operate only laboratory services. Dental care services accepted by the Finnish Tax Administration are paid with Eazybreak at Hammas Mehiläinen cashiers just as with any other payment method.

OmaMehiläinen online service or mobile application include a service called Digiklinikka which acts as a remote reception offering dental care and other healthcare services through a remote connection. For the time being, dental care services sold in Digiklinikka cannot be paid with Eazybreak. These services are paid with other payment methods informed by Hammas Mehiläinen.


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