Eazybreak User Interface Renewed

Jaa kirjoitus

A Clear and Moderin Layout and Ease of Use

We have taken usability and ease of use into consideration before all else when designing our new user interfaces. And, of course, everything is built according to our brand and made modern and clear.


Familiar Features Still Available

You can still find all familiar features and reports from your Eazybreak account. At the first step, the changes consider mainly Eazybreak’s menus and the general appearance of our service.


Works on Mobile Devices, too

Probably the biggest flaw in our old user interfaces has been the fact that using them with mobile devices has been a bit too difficult. This has now been fixed and our service is fully mobile-optimized. In the future, you can for example check your employees’ personal details while travelling straight from your smartphone.


Release in Three Phases

The changes will be released in three phases: first employers view, then employee tools and last merchant’s user interface. You may see the first changes on your Eazybreak account already in September.

Jaa kirjoitus

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