Merchant guide – Registration

1. General

You can accept Eazybreak mobile vouchers after you have registered your

  • company details and bank account information.
  • merchant locations (where the Eazybreak vouchers are accepted)

on our website. We require at least the mandatory fields*.

2. How to begin

Start the registration here.

3. Registration of the merchant company

Start your registration by entering your company details:

Business details* The official name and business Id of your company.
E-mail for Eazybreak notifications* Newsletters and other Eazybreak notifications are sent to this address.
Contact person* The e-mail address is your user ID to the Eazybreak account.

Later, you may enter other administrators to the account (for accounting personnel etc.). Access rights may be restricted (read only).

Password* Your password to the Eazybreak account.

View and agree the Terms and Conditions and the price list. Save the information with “Continue”. Next you need to enter your bank account details.

4. Settlement details

Enter your primary bank account number and select the settlement type.

Bank account number* For your merchant payments, primary IBAN (18 digits)
Settlement type*   Settlements to one bank account: The settlement is done to your primary bank account.
Settlement with a location specific reference number into one bank account: The settlement is done to your primary bank account per location. Your pre-defined reference number (entered when adding a location) is used.
Settlements per location to different bank accounts:  The settlement is done to the location specific bank account number (entered when adding a location).

Save the settlement details with “Continue” and start to register your locations.

5. Registration of the merchant locations

Please register your merchant locations (one-by one) with following details:

Location name* Your customers will find your location in Eazybreak with this name.
Location short name*        Presented in the mobile voucher.
Internal identification For your internal use in Eazybreak reporting.
Web URL The www-address of your homepage

Payment details will be given here only, if you want to your settlement per location (by bank account or payment reference).

Bank account Bank account number (IBAN) for your merchant payments (18 digits).
Bank reference The unique reference number per location. Please use the reference number calculator if needed.

Service offered in your merchant location (service type)*:

Food Accepting Eazybreak Lunch and Agreement Lunch vouchers.
Sport Accepting Eazybreak  Sports vouchers.
Culture Accepting Eazybreak  Culture vouchers.
Commuting Accepting Eazybreak Commuting vouchers.

If you are selling multiple services in your location, please register one location per service type.

Sport service: Choose the main sport of your location from the drop down list.

Description                The description will be shown for your customers in Eazybreak Service.
Sport services/Sports events: Please enter detailed information concerning event payments and how the customer provides you the payment receipt, contact details etc. You may find detailed instructions for Eazybreak Sports event payments in your Eazybreak account>Merchant guides.
Address* When the visiting address is correctly entered,  the customers can find your location from the mapping service (GPS) in the Eazybreak service. You may check that your location address is recognized in Eazybreak location search.

You may also enter additional location details (e.g. shopping center, floor etc.). Please do not enter these to the street address. Otherwise the GPS does not find your address.

Mailing address and contact person* Please let us know if we need to mail your Eazybreak stickers and sales material to another address. Please enter the contact person to whom we mail the material.
Contact person As a merchant business admin you have access to all your locations. You can add administrators per location.  Access rights may be restricted (read only).

Confirm the details given with Save location. After adding all your locations accepting Eazybreak payments, select Continue.

Note!: If your location is open only for certain customers (e.g. staff restaurant),  after the registration, please edit the location information by selecting Show location only to selected customers. With Choose companies you may select the customers allowed to use your services.

After the registration, you may select (when editing the location information) the Additional payment receipt handling. You may either select an email  notification of each payment done to a pre-defined address or sending a payment receipt to the payer (if you need the payer to provide you a paper receipt, used in sports  events).

6. Acceptance

The registration is done when you have added all your locations. Eazybreak will check and confirm your merchant information given to by email.

You may view and modify your account details by going to the main page. Please see also the other merchant guides on your Eazybreak account (Support).

You will receive your Eazybreak stickers and further instructions by mail within few weeks.

Welcome to Eazybreak!