Eazybreak Commute Voucher is an environment-friendly way for employers to offer commuting benefit to their employees. With our Commute Voucher, you can encourage your staff to use public transportation while reducing your company’s carbon footprint and parking costs. With a user interface familiar from other Eazybreak services and a wide distribution network  deployment is sure to be fast and easy.

Our Commute Vouchers can be used – in accordance to tax instructions – when loading time or value to HSL’s or Matkahuolto’s travel cards and when buying VR’s tickets as employee’s benefits. It is also possible to purchase tickets to the local traffic contractor’s vehicles in Tampere and Oulu regions. The mobile voucher can be used at R-Kioskis or at HSL service locations at Pasila, Rautatientori and Itäkeskus.

Remember tax instructions

Commute benefit includes tax reliefs. For more information, please contact us at [email protected]
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